They're everywhere!!!

They're everywhere!!!

Auteur: Rowland Hill

Editeur: Chouetteditions


The Hunnam family have an ant problem, or is it the ants that have a human problem? It’s up to Lucy to defend the ants and find a solution.

For everyone aged 4 and upwards who enjoys hearing stories read out loud, or who, like me, enjoys reading stories out loud.

You can read an excerpt here

This story was reviewed by the French TV-Radio Pitchoun:

"This book stretches and shrinks to fit all sizes. In it we meet a little girl by the name of Lucy. Lucy is curious about the ants in her house. Her imagination carries her into a world where big becomes small and small becomes big and nothing will ever seem quite like it was before. Enjoy the sights and sounds of every page, but more importantly, listen to the voices of the creatures we usually ignore: the insects all around us.


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02 July 2020


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